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Grow Your Own Veggies 

The very best way to get all the nutrients you need to live long and live well––is to grow your own veggies.  Eating fresh veggies within minutes of harvesting them makes your salads delicious beyond description.  The explosion of flavor that follows ripping live plant leaves fruits and roots directly from living organic soil is is impossible to convey with words. more...

Boeuf Bourguignon with Spinach

People often ask me if I’m a vegetarian. My favorite answer is, “No, I actually eat a lot of vegetables.” Please see my post on vegetarianism (many vegetarians eat mostly bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and tofu––and far too few vegetables). My second favorite answer is to simply describe one of my most favorite dishes in the world: Boeuf Bourguignon with fresh baby spinach. more...

Hot Salad for Breakfast

It’s a delicious, nutritious and deeply satisfying way to start the day. This one is a bed of fresh spinach topped with leftover roasted veggies, salsa, kalamata olives and mozzarella, plus a little pepper and olive oil. Baked at 350 for 5-7 minutes, garnished with avocado. Bon appetite! more...

Life Support for the Standard American Diet

As you’re thinking about the year ahead, considering what matters most, your health often rises toward the top of the list. People will often say to me: “I don’t like to take a lot of pills––but my mom died of breast cancer, my brother dropped dead of a heart attack in his fifties, and my sister is showing early signs of dementia.  Can you give me ONE vitamin that will help lower my risk of these things?” more...

Roasted Veggies: the daily staple for healthy (fast!) food

1. Get veggies––preferably local––from farmer’s market, a co-op, or your neighbor’s garden. Try to always include something red (tomatoes, peppers, cherries, cranberries), something white (zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, onions, fennel) something green (spinach, broccoli, zucchini, peppers, basil, dill, arugula, leeks, celery) something yellow or orange (bell peppers, carrots, squash) and something brownish (mushrooms, nuts, kalamata olives). Arrange these beautifully, then photograph and post them to facebook to impress your friends. more...

Live Longer: Give Up Resistance

What do you resist throughout the day? Traffic? The weather? The thoughts and actions of other people you love? The thoughts and actions of other people you’ve never met? I find myself resisting all of the above on a regular basis. I resist clocks––time should definitely stop passing so quickly! And yet pass it does. At about the same rate every day. more...

Do discs slip?

A disc in the spine, neck or back, is a cushion between the vertebrae, that is like a thick slice of an onion, made out of cartilage, with a jelly-bean-like center. This cartilage is firmly attached to the vertebrae above and below it, so it cannot ‘slip’. more...

Healthy! Pizza

…with the thinnest, crunchiest crust ever. And it’s gluten-free! Forget about trying to make your own dough. Just pick up a package of brown rice tortillas at Trader Joe’s (really). Bake the tortilla (at 350) for about five minutes (till it stiffens). It turns into a 12-inch super-thin cracker. Add your favorite toppings, and lots of shredded (hopefully organic) mozzarella. Bake for 5 more minutes, or till the cheese melts. more...

Can a non-force chiropractor fix a herniated disc?

Many people with disc herniations would like to avoid surgery if at all possible. I’ve helped scores of patients with advanced disc herniations get fast relief and long-term resolution of their symptoms, without surgery. more...

Drink more water!

Everyone knows that water is essential for life. Most don’t know that when it comes to thirst, the body’s normal feedback mechanisms, can and very often do fail. You can be significantly dehydrated and still not be thirsty. A great way to increase your intake is to make your water taste better. Everyone has had water with lemon. Some have had water with cucumber. Relatively few have added a few drops of good liquid stevia extract* to make their water taste great. I say, try all three! more...

Kale Salad

Kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables. Its leaves are a superfood, full of vitamins and minerals. It isn’t on the top of everyone’s favorite food list, perhaps because not everyone knows how to prepare it. Here’s one way to make a simple delicious kale salad more...

Knee Pain

If you go to an orthopedist with knee pain, chances are her examination will be limited to the joints and ligaments of the knee. She’ll look for damage that’s bad enough to warrant surgery––to a meniscus, or a collateral or cruciate or patellar ligament. Some people are frightened at the thought going under the knife. Others are attracted to the specificity and finality of surgery. more...

Chronic Pain

The word chronic, like chronicle and chronology, comes from khronos, Greek for ‘time’. Chronic does not mean ‘continuous’ or ‘unrelenting’. Chronic pain usually comes and goes. Chronic does not mean intense. Chronic pain can be mild, moderate or severe. If you experience pain in any part of your body, that lasts––continuously or intermittently––for more than a few days or weeks, you have chronic pain. If the pain goes away for months or years, then comes back, to the same part of your body–– more...

Get Enough Vitamin D is the best source of information about all the important functions of Vitamin D, on nearly every organ and system in the body. Dr. John Cannell regularly posts new research studies there from all over the world. Vitamin D is essential for your immune system to work at its peak. The immune system has two modes, breakdown and rebuild. Vitamin D is required for it to switch efficiently from one to the other. When you have adequate Vitamin D, colds and flus are rare, and mild. more...

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