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Carol Bartlett


 "Before coming to Dr. Binkley, everything hurt, especially my back and legs,   standing and walking was difficult. After a month and a half I feel 60% improved since my first visit with Dr. B. I am able to walk and sleep better and am also able to go out dancing for the first time in over a year. My husband is very impressed with my improvements."

Vera Ulery 


"came to Dr. Binkley for my lower back, in approximately 4 weeks I experienced significant relief. After 3 months on a wheat and sugar free diet, my long term intestinal and stomach problems almost completely cleared up. For the first time in many years I feel hopeful about my health and my ability to be independent. I always feel relaxed and energized after leaving Binkley Healing Center."

Irma Nevarez

“I have been going to Dr. Binkley for my chiropractic care for 8 months, and I can now walk free of pain. No more hanging on to the furniture when I walk. Its wonderful! After each appointment I feel great. I now see him every 2 weeks for my regular adjustments. I have never had chiropractic treatment before, but I discovered it really works. Thank you Dr. Binkley!”

Harleigh Ostella

“Dear Dr. Binkley…I want to thank you for saving my ability to dance. You may remember watching the DVD of me dancing west coast swing, how intensely I danced, and how important it was in my life. In the Spring of 2006, you trained me to do some specific stretches to counteract damage to my right knee. I say: “trained” not merely shown, because the extra time and skill you invested with me made it stick. There’s hardly a day that I don’t do those exercises.

If I miss a session it clearly affects my dancing. Although the stretches you trained me to do only takes about 5 minutes, my life would be dramatically different without them. What more can I say? You made a real difference in my life.”

80-Year Old Female Patient

“With the supplements I’m taking from Binkley Healing Center I’ve been loosing body fat, I have tons of energy and my mind is focusing better than ever!”

72-Year Old Female Patient

“You’re a miracle worker! I thought I was never going to be able to walk again without pain. Now my low back feels brand new and I can walk anywhere I want, anytime I feel like it. Thank you so much.”

Chronic Fatigue (49-Year Old Female Patient)

“Since coming to Binkley Healing Center 11 months ago, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my physical and emotional well-being. I have been to many different chiropractors over the years and have experienced many different techniques. Dr. Binkleys adjustments and stretches along with his expert nutritional health care is by far the most comprehensive and beneficial treatment I have ever received. I am looking forward to feeling even better and I continue my treatments!”

Mobility (82-Year Old Male Patient)

“My mobility has improved remarkably with less aches and pains. General well-being, feeling and feeling of mobile extremities. Best description I can express is an all around feeling a better movement and less pain.”

Back Pain (53-Year Old Male Patient)

“Drastically improved my back and rib very quickly. I love being able to sleep without back and rib pain!”

Lower Back Pain & Disc Hernia (26-Year Old Male Patient)

“I had intense pain when picking up my three-year-old son as well as twisting and turning my back. The majority of my free time consisted of skating and surfing, both of which were drastically affected by the pain. At a young age of 26, this kind of pain was a real concern. I had a fear for the need for epidural injections or possible surgery.

I feel a lot better! I have gradually been able to return back to a healthy state. I am able to play with my son a lot more. I am able to do everyday activities with ease, and return to my physical activities. The impact chiropractic care has had on me is immense. I have come to better understand what and how my pain was caused. I now know what I can do in my daily routine in order to prevent injury and improve my condition. My body was injured for so long that I had forgotten how good it felt to be free of pain. Now I make a stronger effort to eat right, stretch frequently and maintain a healthy body.”

Intense Leg & Knee Pain (14-Year Old Female Patient)

“My back hurt all the time. Most of the time the pain shot down my right leg into my knew. I was on anti-inflammatory medication and Tylenol with codeine. The pain was so bad that I could not sleep, sit in my desk at school, or spend time with my friends. My orthopedist took me out of my sports and activities.

Within the first week of visiting Dr. Binkley, I was off all the medicines. My pain level had gone from 8 out of 10 to a 2 or 3. I am able to go to school all day, every day, and spend time with my friends. I’m slowly returning to sports. It has given me my life back. I was wondering if I was ever going to feel normal again.”

Knee Pain (60-Year Old Female Patient)

“Severe pain on my right knee. I had been advised to have surgery. I had neck and lower back problems. I could not sleep, or dance. I could not run, or walk long distances without pain. I am very athletic, so this was a big problem and concern with me. I sleep a lot better. I can dance, I can walk long distances, and workout at the gym. I no longer need knee surgery. I am athletic again! The little aches and pains are gone. My overall energy and ability to do all movements are done with ease. Chiropractic gentle treatments dramatically improved all and everything about my lifestyle. The gentle manner and type of treatment has giving me the benefit of excellent health.”

Headaches (9-Year Old Female Patient)

“Nichole suffered from daily headaches that disabled her. She would come home from school, darken her room, put an icepack on her head and cry softly. After dinner she would then have a stomachache until bedtime. Nichole also moved from children’s Tylenol to adult strength Tylenol for the headaches, she had also become extremely light sensitive. Going out into the sunshine would trigger an immediate headache for her.

Within a week to beginning treatment, Nichole’s headaches, stomach-aches and light sensitivity disappeared. She has not had a stomach-ache or had a headache since. Although she continued to self adjust her neck, she does not do so with the same fervor at before when she was trying to eliminate the headache discomfort.”

Poor Posture (17-Year Old Female Patient)

“My posture has improved dramatically, even writing teacher noticed! I also feel that my metabolism has become more healthy and the discomfort in my neck and back has decreased.”


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